How it Works



You send us the letter or message

  • Print it

  • Stamp it

  • Mail it

We will mail your letter on your behalf through the US Postal Service.  Your letter will be addressed to the address you provide and you will also have the option to have our return address listed in the upper left hand corner. Or you can opt to have no address listed. You can copy and paste a message into the the message box. You can type a letter in our message box. You can also take a picture of a handwritten letter and upload it into the app.



Photos that you upload will be printed on our professional photo printers. All photos will be printed out on 4x6 in photo paper. Each photo will have the inmate's last name and ID# printed on the back. You may send unlimited photos. 



1 photo/letter for .99

5 photos/letters for 3.99

10 photos/letters for 6.99

20 photos/letters for 10.99


Receive  Mail

Get mail sent straight to your phone. It will only cost the inmate a stamp. We will receive the letters within 3-5 days of the inmate sending it. We will scan the letter and send it straight to your inbox. You will then be notified through the app that you have recieved mail or photos. For your privacy we will then shred the letter or photo. ​


What You CANNOT Receive :

  • Arts and craft type 3D objects

  • 3D Popup Cards

  • Newspaper Clippings

  • Magazine Clippings

  • Items Taped Together

  • Stapled Pages

  • Packages


We have to be able to scan it. ​





Instructions on how to send mail if you  are an inmate using Kite Mail, trying to send a letter or picture to anyone's cell phone, email or Kitemail account inbox.



To send mail to anyone:  Send your mail to Kite Mail’s P.O. Box-

P.O. Box  148910  Nashville,TN 37214


Example #1                             


Kite Mail,                                   


P. O. Box 148910                     

Nashville, TN 37214                 



Example #2 


Kite Mail 

 P.O.Box 148910   

 Nashville, TN 37214



Example #3


Kite Mail 

P.O.Box 148910

Nashville, TN 37214



Once we receive the inmates letters or pictures we scan and place in your Kitemail Inbox. We then let you know by text message alert or email that you have a message waiting on the site including a temporary password to retrieve message.   >>  You log in at or open app.   >> Go to my account and log in


Create A Profile

The information provided here will be used for your digital address to receive mail. Your received mail will be saved in your profile inbox. Soon you will be able to save your inmates address and drafts.